A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play Bounty Slime Tycoon for free! Capture and Arrest slimes for Money to and Upgrade dumb power-ups! Can you unlock the $5000 secret???

Made within 48 hours during  shenanijam 2018. This game was based on the theme "sticky justice". First time ever finishing a game, a game jam, and also first time going solo. 

Song Credits - 

Reformat The Planet (Azureflux Remix) by Bit Shifter

Hope all you guys enjoy this goofy game! :D


Bounty Slime V1.0.zip 35 MB


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Cool game,interesting concept

Secret was worth it. Great game, loved it

Dude I made this game like over a year ago! 😂 I never really expected anyone to play it, and I'm amazed that you did so thank you so much!! Haha and I'm glad you loved the secret >:D

No problem, also nice name.

love the goofy vibe, love the colours, great work!

Thanks a lot for playing it!